Jul 12, 2011

Day 33 The Buffalo Valley Ranch (LeAnn)

The Buffalo Valley Ranch cafe has the best food near the base of the Grand Tetons! Today was a chill and rest day at their little screened in porch. We gorged ourselves on veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, and strawberry shakes. We played cards and watched a herd of about 70 horses run past. A very friendly and well traveled cook/waiter working at the ranch sat down at our table to eat and talked to us for a while. He recommended traveling to Vietnam, where the people are friendly and food and lodge are super cheap. Maybe that will be our next destination. It was very refreshing having a conversation with another person (after you travel with Ben for a month nonstop)(HEY NOW~ben). The young man insisted on paying for our lunch. People are so nice and Elliot reminded me of the concept of pay it forward, which is something that I will undoubtably follow through with after all of the positive experiences I have had with people along the way. We went back to the campsite we stayed the first day because it was free in the national park. :)

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