Jun 24, 2011

6/20/11 Rainy Badlands (LeAnn)

Woke up early 4:45am! Left the bridge, ate breakfast, then the rain started. Biked back up the crazy steep hill to the Badlands. Rain kept pouring down. We stopped at a little tourist shelter with one wooden table in the center. I set up my sleeping bag and took a nap while Ben returned some petrified bones, kept an eye out for tourists, and played solitaire. Rain kept pouring, I woke up to random tourists gathering around the shelter giving us strange looks and inquiring about our adventure. Ben and I entertained ourselves with card games and fighting eachother (martial arts), until the rain finally let up a little around midday. As we left towards the scenic highway, a very friendly family from Wisconsin pulled up alongside us in their van and asked if they could take our picture, then they stopped again and their little girl came running and offered us $20. At first we refused, but the girl was very insistant, so we excepted the money and continued biking throughout the day. The amount of postive energy that people have toward us on our journey continues to amaze me every day.

We continued biking through the Badlands (again) and made our way to the little abandoned town of Scenic. Made dinner - spaghetti and cheese and a picnic table in town. Continued biking. We found a spot to camp alongside the highway on the top of a beautiful grassy hill.

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