Jun 24, 2011

6/21/11 Rapid City (LeAnn

We biked the rest of the way to Rapid City. We hit rain again halfway. Soaked, tired and hungry we got into the city late and decided to treat ourselves a little. We hadn't eaten much that day besides Malt-o-Meal and granola bars, so we liked the idea of a Buffet. I was happy to introduce Ben to his new favorite restaurante- The Mongolian Grill. We came into the restaurante wet and starving and we happy to fill bowl after bowl full of fresh vegetables, noodles and sauces. Ben absolutely loved it and continues to mention the idea of eating at a Mongolian Grill again when we hit another big city. We've decided to save up our money and splurge when we find one again.

That night we found a picnic shelter at a trailer park to be an ideal spot to set up camp. We just set up our sleeping bags and pads in one corner on the cement and with our bellies full and one set of dry clothes to change into, we were content. Until we heard voices and were woken up by two teenagers (a guy and a girl), who happened to walk into the shelter. Ben talked to them for a while, while I tried to sleep. They were both very friendly. Then back to bed for a good night's rest.

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