Jun 8, 2011

6/2/11 Of chainsaws and first time cooking(second)

 We woke up to the sound of screaming chainsaws and men's voices. We we're surrounded! I leaned out of the tent flap to see what was up.There were four men with chainsaws cutting down trees around us.
 No worries though it was just the conservation core doing tree trimming, and though we were quite a bit closer to the trail then i thought last night they didn't seem to care. we packed up our gear and started off down the trail. We stopped for lunch along side of the road and made some tomato soup with noodles in it and i got a few ticks. Though these incidents may seem trivial it was the beginning of a terrible turn of events. We road on for much of the rest of the day, only stopping briefly to smell the flowers.
We eventually got to willow river and decided to make camp at a little designated campsite. This is where it all began. Within the first few min i had picked off 8 ticks and there wasn't even tall grass it was just dirt. LeAnn decided to make spaghetti and i after the tomato soup tasting so good suggested she put some sauce in with the water. I who started freaking out about all the ticks and pulling off each one as they crawled up on me was then quite preoccupied. Until the smell of burning wafted through the air. 

LeAnn was over the stove trying to scrape the contents in a stirring motion. She had unwittingly added a double large can to half the normal spaghetti that you would use with a normal sized can. This left little to no room for any water, and instead of boiling and making the spaghetti wonderfully tender it decided to burn and make the spaghetti kinda floppy. We dutifully tried to eat at least some, and dumped the rest for the bears (thousands of feet away from our campsite). We then went to bed and i fell asleep (this whole time constantly picking ticks off, did i mention i really don't like ticks?).

I also forgot to mention that every bridge was under construction on the Munger trail so a large part of the day was hauling the outrageously heavy bikes up and down the sides where the path crossed the road. We also had to do it one at a time since we couldn't make it up with our own bike.

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